The Best Collections from Amarr and Clopay

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With several years of experience in the garage door service industry, Garage Door Repair San Ramon has seen it all in terms of client requests. While most of our calls can be considered routine, there are clients who are specific with the type of garage door they need. We pride ourselves in being the best, not only in terms of getting the job done right, but also in meeting and even exceeding our client’s expectations.

When it comes to garage door requests, most requests pertain to the design and material of the door. Even business and industrial clients are now conscious about how their doors look. Gone are the days when garage doors just did their jobs – now, they have to be pleasing to the eye and match the entire structure in terms of theme and style. Thankfully, our favorite manufacturers Clopay and Amarr have never let us down. Their wide collection has helped us give our clients exactly what they want. Here are some of the ‘on-demand’ garage door designs from these two manufacturers.

The Clopay Portfolio Line

Our residential clients love the look of Clopay's “old world” theme from their portfolio line. The line is made up of garage door designs that have the carriage-house style. The style is known as the easiest way to warm up any drab-looking door. For clients who are looking for traditional, classic, and vintage style, we usually offer them Clopay's portfolio line. It's the most affordable and easiest way to transform a cold-looking, boring garage door into one that has more warmth and personality.The Best Collections from Amarr and Clopay

The most common material used for the line is wood, since it bodes well with the classical theme of the line. For clients that require a more heavy-duty garage door, there are steel doors from the portfolio line. A faux wooden finish is added over the steel, and it is as good as the real thing.

The Amarr Classica

Like Clopay, Amarr has its own carriage-house garage door line, called the Classica. These garage doors are made to resemble classical and traditional doors through their shape and design, but with the durability of newer and more advanced materials. The garage doors come in two-toned colors to make them look more 3D. Most doors in the line are made up of three sections instead of the usual four, and go up and down instead of swinging out. The goal is to mimic the design of older garage doors without the inconvenience.

Apart from its Classica line, the Amarr Bitmore collection is another favorite of clients who are looking for beautiful garage door designs. You may not have the budget to own a Bitmore estate, but you can always transform your garage to look like one. The Bitmore collection is a hit with clients who want more elegance and grace to their garage doors.

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