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Track Replacement Near Brookshire Area

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Mrs. Moran had concerns that something had happened to her garage door when it seemed to move sluggishly, and even stick at times.
Our Solution: Our experts determined that a damaged garage door track had been causing the problem. It appeared to have been damaged from a car or other large object running into it. We disconnected the door from the system to remove it in order to access the tracks. Our team unbolted the broken one to take it away, and installed in the new one.

Jeanne Moran - Brookshire
Roller Replacement, Tassajara CA

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Poole wanted to get his rollers replaced now to avoid future problems.
Our Solution: Once the opener was disconnected and the door clamped into place, our team pried open the tracks to access the rollers. Any badly worn or damaged rollers were removed and replaced with brand-new ones before the tracks were closed back up.

Pablo Poole - Tassajara
Panel Replacement, Dougherty CA

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Our team told Mr. Ibrahim he could do with new door panels in a few years, a few years ago. He agreed.
Our Solution: The new set were Sears traditional series steel garage door panels, with an insulation kit from the same company. Our team untracked the door, screwed each of rotting old panel loose one by one, and cleaned the frame before attaching the new ones in place and reinserting it into the tracks.

Mostafa Abu Ibrahim - Dougherty
Opener Repair, Garage Door Repair San Ramon

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Malfunctioning garage door opener.
Our Solution: After we first made sure the problem wasn't mechanical in nature, we opened the opener's main unit and inspected the circuit board. Turns out, it had sustained some electrical damage, so we installed a new board in its place and reprogrammed the opener afterwards to ensure it would work with the customer's remotes.

Ian Eubanks - San Ramon
Sensor Alignment, Garage Door Repair San Ramon

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Malfunctioning safety sensors.
Our Solution: The sensors had become misaligned, but as we adjusted them back into their proper position, we discovered that they'd sustained some physical damage and needed to be replaced. We proceed to install new units in their place, and then tested the door to make sure it reversed when something got in its way.

Ruth Jacobson - Brookshire
Cable Replacement, Garage Door Repair San Ramon CA

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken lift cable.
Our Solution: Even though only one of the cables snapped, we removed both off their drums, as the second unit was in bad shape too. We then installed two new cables, and made sure they weren't prone to entanglement when they lifted and lowered the door.

Carl Hurlstone - San Ramon
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Our Reliable Experts

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