Garage Door Springs

Types of Torsion Springs

Garage Door SpringsWhen it comes to residential garage door installation, the choice of spring is extremely important. If you choose our team for your installation project, you will receive detailed explanation and advice on the different options. Most homeowners choose torsion springs as they tend to be more reliable and longer-lasting compared to their extension counterparts. There are two options within this category. The galvanized torsion springs are suitable for residential doors with standard weight and average daily use. If you have a larger and heavier unit and/or you open it and close it many times during the day, we can install an oil tempered spring to ensure optimal performance. You can expect it to work well without lubrication maintenance as the steel wire was dipped in hot oil at the time of making the component.

Professional Spring Repair

If your garage door has become harder to open or you have to lock it in order to keep it closed, the spring system may have too little or too much tension. Count on us, at Garage Door Repair San Ramon, to run tests and pinpoint what is wrong with the system exactly. If you have a torsion spring, we’ll use winding or unwinding to increase or to reduce the tension. Extension springs which have been weakened and can no longer do their job will be replaced. Deformed coils are also among the common issues affecting these garage door springs. Rely on us to replace such components with new ones. One of the key things when it comes to extension spring installation is to run a safety cable through the component. 

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