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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

My Garage Door Won't Open | Garage Door Repair San Ramon, CA

It is certainly annoying when your garage door refuses to open. What is even more annoying is not having an idea as to what's causing the problem. Some issues can be solved with a simple fix, while other, more serious, problems will require more complex repairs. Here are some common problems, some of which you may be able to handle yourself:

Remote Control Doesn't Work

Nothing is more frustrating than pushing the button on your garage door remote control and seeing no response from the door. Sometimes, taking care of the problem can be as a simple as a changing the battery, or all it takes is re-programming the remote. Other times, the problem might be more serious, and repairing the remote or replacing it will be necessary.

Spring and Cable Problems

Your garage door uses springs to help lift the door off the ground. When one such component breaks, the motor can no longer complete the opening process on its own. Even if you were to try to use the door manually, you won't be able to. Replacing the broken unit is the only way to fix the issue, however, this is no easy task, and definitely not one that should be attempted by amateurs. Many times when a spring breaks, a cable will break as well. These units help pull the door up and keep it balanced. It's a good idea to inspect your cables from time to time to see if you notice any fraying. If you do, it's better to get them replaced before they snap. Not doing so could lead to accidents and possible injury.

Photo Eyes Don’t Work

Most garage door openers utilize safety sensors to aid them during the opening and closing process. The eyes don't help the door open or close, but they act as a safety feature and will detect when a person or object gets in the way of a closing door. When something comes in between the sensors, the closing process stops and the door reverses its movement. These sensors work together and if not aligned correctly and facing each other, they may prevent the door from closing when there's nothing blocking its path. Sometimes a tiny object my simply have gotten between the sensors, and removing it can fix the problem. However, when sensor realignment becomes necessary, or when replacing these units is required, it's better to have our experts help you out.


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