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When you have problems with your door, opener, hardware or panels, count on us, at Garage Door Repair San Ramon, to eliminate it quickly and professionally. We have experienced technicians who use advanced tools and top-quality replacement components including springs and remote controls. Rely on us for fast assistance in any kind of emergency. You can also hire us for door and opener installation and for providing full maintenance on a regular basis. No matter what your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

About our company in California

Expert Solutions for Your Garage Door Problems

Did you notice the garage door is off its track on your way out? Count on us to come to the rescue quickly and deal with the problem on the spot. We’ll run inspection to confirm the cause, which is typically broken cable. The solution involves replacing the cable with a new one of the same size and adjusting the door accurately.

We are the Professionals for All Repairs

We are equally effective when it comes to fixing other hardware parts. If the door has become difficult to open or to close, you can rely on us for professional spring repair. With accurate spring adjustment, the door will start working smoothly once again. When the spring breaks eventually, we’ll replace it with a stronger and more durable one straight away.

As experts on openers, we can fix any device regardless of its type, brand and age. Rely on us to repair the motor, to straighten a bowed rail and to replace a broken moving gear. Our company, Garage Door Repair San Ramon, is available to repair and replace opener accessories and controls including the safety sensors and a wireless keypad.

Garage Door Repair San Ramon for Your Automatic Garage Door

Our door and opener replacement services feature the removal of the old unit, consultation for choosing the best new one and installation of the chosen unit. We’ll explain everything that you need to know about the doors build, insulation and opener and motor options. Expect perfect precision when it comes to fitting panels and hardware parts and adjusting the motor settings. Our maintenance services are designed for both new and existing electric doors and include everything from cleaning to replacing worn components.

We are readily available to fix, maintain or replace your automatic door professionally. Here is what a customer thinks about our services:

 “I got help soon after calling. The technician repaired the opener motor unit in minutes and everything went back to normal. Well done!”

For hiring our services, call us or leave a note. 

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