Garage Door Maintenance

Care for Panels

Garage Door MaintenanceMost modern residential garage doors have a sectional design. They consist of a set of panels attached together rather than of a large single panel. Our job is to ensure that each of these pieces is in perfect condition. An inspection will show if there is any specific damage to the panels. Count on us to remove rust from steel doors immediately. If you have a wood unit and it has begun to decay, we will remove the rotten wood, fill the holes and add sealant to eliminate the damage and prevent recurrence. Panel cleaning and repainting are also essential components of garage door maintenance. With specially formulated exterior-grade paint, the panels will be protected from water and UV damage. You can also rely on us to replace the weather seals if they are worn or damaged.

Lubrication Maintenance

All moving metal components of the garage door need to be lubricated. This helps to reduce the rate of wearing, to improve their performance and to extend their useful life. Count on us, at Garage Door Repair San Ramon, to lubricate the hardware perfectly. We will use lubricant approved by the door’s manufacturer to ensure complete safety. The work begins with the torsion spring, and more precisely, the covering of each and every coil with a thin layer of the compound. We will also cover the rollers, if they are made entirely from metal, and the hinges. Rely on us to lubricate the opener drive, if it is made from metal, and the areas where the trolley gets into contact with the rail. 

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