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Take advantage of our useful tips about automatic garage doors. They are easy to understand and to apply even for people who do not have much technical skill or knowledge. Start reading right away. 

  • Don't replace bottom brackets on your own

    The bottom brackets are found at the lowest two sides of the door and are connected with the garage door cables. If you try to repair them, the cables might snap. Since, they're connected with the garage door springs, The problem could be worse and there's a high risk for serious injuries.It's best to trust our Garage Door Repair Company for major services.

  • Make sure parts are aligned

    Garage door adjustment is important, but the parts must be aligned, too. When the tracks are not adjusted properly, the rollers could be driven off them and the door will jam. When parts are not adjusted properly, the system will become unstable and dangerous.  Adjustments are usually needed when some parts (usually nuts and bolts) become loose. If they are loose, the brackets and garage door hinges will also loosen up and the whole garage door will vibrate. The consequences could be grave.

  • Repair before repairs are needed

    Most people would proceed with garage door repairs when there's something seriously wrong with the system or some parts are totally worn. Sometimes, it's more prudent to repair garage door parts before they're seriously worn. After all, serious damages often require the replacement of the components. Why not save some money and repair the parts when you first feel that something is out of the ordinary? This is the best preventive measure and you can be sure that nothing will actually surprise you and your safety will be guaranteed. Though, you do need to inspect the mechanism often.

  • Get openers that guarantee safety

    Electric garage door openers must be chosen based on the needs of your garage door in terms of horsepower, and must also comply with the UL 325 guidelines. Although all manufacturers produce good and safe openers, it's imperative that you check the labels. The opener must have the basic entrapment sensing features or your safety will be compromised. This is a must for all systems. 

  • Make sure repair parts are of the right dimensions

    All garage door parts come in different sizes in order to suit the needs of different systems. Since garage doors vary in weight, size and height, parts will vary, too. If you choose the wrong size parts, they might not fit or you'll have to make several adjustments. For example, the garage door extension springs need to extend in a distance equal to the one needed for the full opening of the door. Otherwise, the overhead door won't open, you will need to make garage door cable adjustments or buy new extension springs again.

  • Trust good garage door brands

    The right choice of garage door brands will make a difference to the longevity of the system, the movement of the door and your expenses. Cheap garage door repair parts will not last long and will actually cost you double according to the specialists of our company. It's good to know that the size of garage door parts manufactured by well-known industries is almost identical and so you won't have a problem with compatibility. You can't be sure with no-name repair parts. Plus, you don't know whether their quality will guarantee your safety.

  • Test the safety reversal mechanism frequently

    For this, you need to place a hollow object such as an empty cardboard box on the floor under the door while it is moving downwards. If the door reverses immediately after touching the box, then the mechanism works perfectly well. If not, it has to be repaired.

  • When to select metal doors

    There are differences among metal doors. Although they have similar characteristics, aluminum overhead doors are lightweight, dent easily, and cannot be painted, but they do not corrode and that's why they are perfect for waterfront houses and locations with a high moisture level. Steel doors are stronger and, therefore, perfect for fierce weather conditions, but they will eventually erode and will need to be maintained more and painted relatively often.

  • Why you should install glass doors

    It's good to get glass garage doors if you work in the garage in order to allow in plenty of natural light. It could also be a good idea to get glass panels if you have a nice view outside the garage. Glass doors will need the same garage door repair as any other door.

  • Examine the Tracks Regularly

    Examining the tracks regularly to ensure that all sections are bolted accordingly should be a part of the maintenance process. Professionals at our company highly recommend oiling the door tracks regularly. There may be some instances when a bolt loosens, and the tracks may be skewed slightly. Examine by making sure that they are level and fastened to the opening of the garage door. If not, adjust accordingly.

  • Preparation before Lubrication

    It is highly suggested that you lubricate the components of your garage door from time to time. Before doing so, make sure to clean up all the components, keeping them free from the buildup of previously applied lubricants. This will make the process more effective, rather than putting a lubricant on top of the previously applied one.

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