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If you are curious about garage doors and want to get practical information, read our FAQ page. It has detailed answers to important questions asked by owners. Take advantage of the details and advice shared here. 

  • What do my safety sensors do exactly?

    This is a great question! Safety sensors are there to keep you, your stuff and your pets safe. If you close the door and something is under it, they will make sure the door does not fully close!

  • What is a great way to boost garage door performance?

    Generally, garage door maintenance is a good way to keep the door and its mechanism in good condition, but experts at Garage Door Repair San Ramon suggest making use of car wax on your garage door parts. This is a very effective way of keeping the elements from wearing it down.

  • How do I fix sagging swing hung doors?

    Swing hung garage doors sag when the hinges are loose. With the door closed, make sure the garage door hinges are as tight as possible and replace them if they're rusty - otherwise they won't hold the door. If the two panels are not even, some hinges are were tightened more than others.

  • What are the safety cables and why are they important?

    First of all, don't confuse regular cables with safety cables. They look alike but they are installed for completely different reasons. The safety cables are mean to aid the extension springs. They are laced in-and-out of them and hooked up on the wall or close to the tracks in order to keep the springs in place in case they snap for whatever reason. Although these cables are optional, they're a great way to improve the safety of your garage door's performance.

  • What does upgrading the opener mean?

    Simply put, it is the improvement of the electric garage door opener. The opener doesn't only need good repairs and maintenance, but improvement of its capacities as well. Manufacturers keep producing new accessories (remotes, keypads, sensing features and other devices for enhanced convenience and safety) and the good news is that we can install them separately. Basically, instead of buying a new opener again, you can upgrade the current one as long as it is relatively new.

  • Which parts are most important?

    The simplest answer is that all garage door parts are equally important. After all, the overhead door wouldn't move without rollers. The rollers wouldn't roll if it weren't for the garage door tracks. The tracks wouldn't be secure without brackets and the brackets wouldn't secure without bolts and nuts. Even the smallest component is significant. Of course, the absence of the electric garage door opener would take us many decades back and without the springs, nobody could lift the heavy door. So, some parts are really important in making it easier for the door to rise, but all are important for proper operation, according to our specialists.

  • Why is lubrication such an important task?

    Lubrication maintenance is vital for all garage door parts. If they won't be oiled, they won't move – at least not properly. Do you remember that awful sound you hear when the door is moving? Usually, such noises are the result from non-lubricated parts. Most of the parts are made of iron and when they are in contact with each other without lubricants, which facilitate movement, the friction will produce terribly loud noise. Soon, the component parts will be worn and might even stop moving. You will have operational problems and will have to replace them. In short, lubrication is definitely needed periodically.

  • Which remote is best?

    The good news is that there are excellent and many, many choices today. Depending on your needs you can get a multicode remote, a simple one with two or three buttons, or one that can even be mounted in the car! The best remote for each garage door owner will be the one that will offer the most convenience and that's why it is imperative that you choose according to personal needs, according to our experts. Itt is also crucial to get remote controls that use rolling code technology. This way, you won't have any security issues either.

  • Which door is best for small garages?

    There are no specific rules, but a roll-up garage door will generally occupy less space than other types of doors. Of course, it would depend entirely on the specific characteristics of each garage. Some homeowners may find that overhead doors would suit their small garages better because they don't have additional uses for the garage ceiling.

  • When is the best time to replace the opener?

    Garage door openers usually last for many years and you should replace them only if they are seriously damaged or simply if you need a new one. Modern openers offer more security and safety through their features and systems and, thus, are appropriate for modern families.If you replace your garage door, you may need a more powerful opener if the new door is heavier than the last.

  • How can I control the temperature in the garage?

    You must make sure the bottom seal is in exceptional condition and that the door closes properly on the ground. Our experts would recommend installing a new insulated garage door, but if you cannot afford new doors or don't want to invest in them now, you can insulate them yourself with the assistance of special kits. Make sure all windows are in perfect condition and that there are no other holes in the garage.

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