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If you are curious about garage door systems and want to get practical and useful information, this FAQ page has detailed answers to all sorts of questions many homeowners tend to ask. Take advantage of our shared advice to learn how to keep your door in great shape.

What do the opener safety sensors do exactly?

These photoelectric eyes help the opener know when something is blocking the door's path. This forces it to reverses the door's movement and helps it avoid accidents. Misaligned sensors can fail to properly recognize an obstacle, which is why testing these units regularly is so important.

What is a great way to boost garage door performance?

Generally speaking, garage door maintenance is a good way to keep the mechanism in good condition. You can also apply the panels with a protective layer of paint to keep the elements from damaging them. Regular inspection is another great way to catch minor issues early and prevent major problems from manifesting.

How do I fix a sagging swing hung garage door?

A swing hung garage door can start to sag when its hinges become loose. With the door closed, make sure the hinges are as tight as possible and get them replaced if they've become rusty - they may break and won't be able to hold the door safely. If the two panels are not even, hinges on one side have been tightened more than their counterparts.

What are the safety cables and why are they important?

First of all, don't confuse regular lift cables with safety cables. They may look similar but they are installed for completely different reasons. The safety cables help the extension springs stay in place when they break and keep them from whipping around. They are laced in-and-out of the coils and are hooked up on the wall or close to the tracks. Although these cables are optional, they're a great way to improve the safe performance of your garage door.

What does upgrading the opener mean?

This question has different answers, ranging in degrees of investment. An upgrade can be a complete opener replacement, or simply the addition of a new feature that wasn't available before. Every year, new technologies become available, and many times adding something like a backup battery or a wireless keypad won't require replacing the entire unit. There will eventually come a time when replacing your opener will be the right thing to do, either due to necessity or because much better options are available.

Which remote is best?

The good news is that there are all sorts of excellent choices today. Depending on your needs you can get a multicode remote, a simple one with two or three buttons, or one that can even be mounted inside your car! The best remote for each garage door owner will be the one that will offer the most convenience and accessibility, that's why it is imperative that you choose according to your personal needs. Just make sure that the unit you get uses rolling code technology. This way, you won't have to worry about tech-savvy burglars. Consult with our experts for more information.

Which door is best for a small garage?

There are no specific rules, but a roll-up garage door will generally occupy less space than other types of doors. Of course, it would depend entirely on the specific characteristics of the garage in question. Some homeowners may find that overhead doors would suit their small garages better because they don't have additional uses for the ceiling space.

When is the best time to replace the opener?

Garage door openers usually last for many years and you should replace them only if they are seriously damaged or if you want the benefits that a modern model offers. As technology advances, getting a new opener installed may become worth it even if the current unit is still functional. If you replace your garage door, you may need a more powerful opener if the new panels are heavier than the old ones.

How can I control the temperature inside my garage?

You must make sure the bottom seal is in exceptional condition and that the door closes properly all the way down. Our experts would recommend installing a new insulated garage door if you find that maintaining a specific temperature is impossible, but if you cannot afford a new door or don't want to invest in it now, there are special insulation kits that do a solid job. Give our team a call and will send someone over to help you.


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