Garage Door Repair Services

Broken Spring Replacement

Garage Door Repair ServicesSooner or later, every owner of a residential garage door will end up with a broken spring. This component gets naturally weaker over time as it is responsible for balancing and lifting the door, but there are no physical signs of this change so it is challenging to replace it before it actually breaks. The good news is that you can rely on us, at Garage Door Repair San Ramon, for quick professional replacement. We work with extension and torsion springs of all designs, sizes and brands and are always fully stocked on high-quality components. Count on us to install a strong new spring with the right length and inside diameter and a long cycle life. Expect accurate adjustment for smooth performance even in the longer term.

Effective Panel Repair

Over time, even the smallest damage can become more extensive and make your door useless. It’s usually easy to notice when a hardware part gets broken and when the opener fails. But is a rusty steel panel a serious issue? Yes, it is and you can have us fix it quickly and effectively. Our garage door repair services go beyond repairing the existing damage, whether it is rust on steel panels or small sections on decaying wood panels. We restore the condition of the door and take measures to prevent damage in the future including side, top and bottom seal replacement. When a steel panel has begun to corrode or a wooden one has decayed almost completely, count on us for replacement. We’ll fit a brand new panel with the required dimensions and design. 

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