Garage Door Openers

Quick Opener Repair

Garage Door OpenersWhen the electric operator is noisy, but opens and closes the garage door as usual, the drive chain or rod is most likely dry and needs lubrication. When there’s no movement, the problem is more serious and you can count on us to fix it professionally in the shortest time. When the main moving gear or trolley is broken, we’ll replace it with a matching one. Our company is fully stocked with replacement parts for garage door openers of all types and brands. Rely on us to repair the motor unit effectively no matter if the problem is with the power supply, the circuit board or the motor itself. A bowed chain is a less common, but still very serious issue. We’ll fix it and adjust the closing force to prevent future damage to this important component.

Safety Sensors Replacement

Does the door keep going back up when you try to close it with the remote control? There's most likely a problem with the safety sensors. Our first job is to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Sometimes the photo eyes are dirty and misaligned. When you use our maintenance service, the risk of this happening will be minimal. Cleaning them and adjusting them will eliminate the problem. If the sensors aren’t getting power because of damaged cabling, we’ll replace it. If our inspection shows that the devices have failed completely, rely on us to install new ones. At Garage Door Repair San Ramon, we always have the right replacement sensors at hand. Our work is completed with testing to ensure that the opener system is completely safe. 

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